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Crypto Tax Academy offers in-depth self-study courses for professionals of all levels looking to advance their knowledge in the fast-growing cryptocurrency space, obtain a foundational understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and most importantly, incorporate crypto tax services into their practice.

What Every Informed Cryptocurrency Investor Needs to Know

Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies that followed are gaining real traction in the investment community.

Every Cryptocurrency Investor Needs a Tax Professional - Here’s Why

In this increasing DIY world, many people make the mistake of not consulting with a tax professional when setting up or managing their investments.

U.S. Crypto Investors Owe $25 Billion in Taxes

Last year, the cryptocurrency revolution hit hard. Suddenly, everyone seemed to be buying and selling cryptocurrencies—often on total speculation.

Announcing the launch of

The first crypto-specialty education provider, assisting tax and accounting industry professionals to navigate the complexities of crypto taxation.

Facing a Hard Truth – Crypto Investors Owe Taxes

Independent confirmation of media reports has exposed a hard truth for the cryptocurrency investment community: coin traders owe the IRS big.

Do You Know the Crypto Tax Basics?

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly changing. With new exchanges opening and a lot more government regulations, crypto traders need help.

IRS Sending 10,000 Warning Letters to Cryptocurrency Investors

As part of the Internal Revenue Service's Virtual Currency Compliance Campaign, the agency is sending warning letters to more than 10,000 cryptocurrency holders.

"Thank you, Knox. The most interesting Ethics class I have taken. You have a real teaching gift."

Eunice R.

Crypto Tax Academy Student

With innovative technologies like blockchain changing the world around us, it is vitally important as tax professionals and accountants that we keep up to date with the tax laws and intricacies that affect the millions of cryptocurrency investors who can become our clients, but only if we are ready for them.

Jody Padar

The Radical CPA

“Digital currencies have proven they aren’t going away, therefore learning the tax implications of each is critical for tax preparers and Crypto Tax Academy is helping those preparers embrace this incredible opportunity!”

Michael Jenkins

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"These courses were worth the time and expense. Thank you Knox for super informative tax review and intro/advance information"

Erika C.

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